About Us

Our Story

Uplearn.io was created to solve a recurring problem in today’s technology-driven age of business. At our core, we are a Data Science, Engineering and Artificial Intelligence EdTech company. Throughout our two decade’s worth of consulting, we noticed a trend that was prevalent wherever we did business: most organizations were simply not leveraging their data and systems properly and even grossly misusing their personnel to try to solve Engineering and Data Science problems. This retrofit approach was caused by a misunderstanding of exactly what Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are and how to leverage the right training and understanding to use what they already have to get what they need.

Our Approach

We believe anyone can learn anything, regardless of their background or previous experience; we also believe that knowledge and learning should be open to the world so we publish weekly online videos for anyone to view and learn from. We also build custom curricula and adaptive learning spaces that often drive the data-gathering process; we can design, build and deploy custom hardware and software solutions to meet almost any student and/or program need.

Meet the Founder

Benjamin Manning, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO

Dr. Benjamin Manning is from Athens, GA and been a Machine Learning consultant, educator and Systems/AI Engineer for the past twenty years. He is a super-fan of Walt Disney, Socrates and anything to do with the Golden Ratio. A family man, gray-haired, amateur philosopher and forever optimistic skeptic; a lifelong learner and old school computer hobbyist with an interest in distributed IoT systems and AI.

We’re Hiring!

We are growing and always looking for help so drop your info in the contact form and come join the fun.