Corporate Training

We do business in a highly evolving, technology-driven era that requires employees to constantly re-tool skills to keep your business relevant and competitive. We have over twenty years of experience in the education space and can handle any type of on-site training needs. We can use our own cloud-based learning environment or can use your own infrastructure and projects to help your employees learn with topics and clients they may already work with.

Learning Analytics

Learning is not an art; it is an skill that we improve through practice and the only true way to gauge the impact of any type of learning environment is to assess the different parts of learning like engagement, retention and application. We can design optimal learning environments that contain analytical tools to assess learning or we can design tools that work with existing platforms and methods. In either case, companies can finally stop wasting training dollars without any amount of Return On Investment.


We recognize the need for privacy and security in education and have built our own Blockchain that can be customized and used for many different educational needs including student records, grades and industry certification and even curriculum. We can also develop any type of system or interface need to fully support your current internal processes with our technology.

Infrastructure Development

In order to effective mentors and trainers we also have to be experts in developing proper and adequate infrastructure for learning and training. We have developed learning infrastructure for professional development programs, boot camps and corporations. While we specialize in AI, Data Science and Engineering related virtual learning environments, we can also build cloud-based virtual infrastructure for almost any other area and to satisfy any needed in any modality.

Cognitive Learning Systems

Education doesn’t just happen in classroom anymore or in a typical block of specific class time. Learning has become social and has to occur where the learner is and progress with them at their pace. We all learn quite differently, so why haven’t our environments changed? We can design learning environment that change as the individual student learns and provides more support in time when it is needed. This ‘just in time’ concept is driven by our own analytical tools and ensures learning occurs optimally for each individual student and is assessed as needed.

Be sure to reach out to us for more information on any of the services we have described above.